Weathering Resistance Black 90 Shore FKM O Ring Seals

  • Product description: Weathering Resistance Black 90 Shore FKM O Ring Seals
Weathering Resistance Black FKM Fluoroelastomer O Ring Seals

1. O-rings is the simplest parts in the field of seals, although it's the best and most efficient seals.
2. The structure of sealing part is very simple,for this reason,it could be used even in limited spaces.
3. Furthermore, it could be used reliably as movable and immovable seals in the circumstance of big pressure and high temperature.If reasonable design, o-rings have very long life.
4. O rings could not only be used for its good sealing performance, but also for its mechanical performances, it is being used widely in drive strap, type, controlling equipment and vibration absorber.It could be made by many kinds of raw materials, such as NBR, SBR, Silicone, FPM.
5. Application: For machines seal, water seal, oil seal and gas seal.
6. The price is according to the material and the detailed design.

Main Advantages of the Material:
1) excellent anti-chemical character. It almost applies to all mediums.
2) temperature range is very wide.

3) long service life.

• Static Seal - The sealing action created between two mating surfaces with no leakage of liquid or minimal diffusion of gas.

• Dynamic Seal - The mating surfaces have relative movement with minimal leakage of liquid (useful to protect the sealing efficiency, acting as lubricant)


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